Why this Studio?

Living Bodies Studio is here to help you become healthier, stronger and happier in your body and thereby in your life.

Our purpose is to help you learn how to connect with your body, to teach you to move in a more efficient and effective way.  We want to empower you to make yourself stronger, to heal your own body, under the direction of a trained practitioner of the Pilates Method.

The studio is a safe space.  Change can be difficult and we recognize that our abilities vary from day to day and week to week.  We want to challenge you to improve while supporting you through the process.  Tears, farts, tension, power, weakness, laughter are all part of the human physical experience and thus are accepted in the studio for what they are:  part of living.

Why this Instructor:

Violet’s training as a classical Pilates instructor as well as her strong background in body work (i.e. creating connections between the mind, heart, spirit and body) give her the ability to focus in on the under-functioning parts of your body and guide you to a more holistic relationship with your own body.

Violet continues to explore other movement and healing modalities, such as the Melt Method, Thomas Hanna’s Somatics, Anatomy Trains, and more, in order to bring a broader range of understanding to her practice and greater healing for you, the client.