Why Equipment?

Pilates equipment allows for in-depth and targeted work that is completely customizable to your needs.  Underdeveloped muscles will be worked specifically and directly.  Overdeveloped muscles will be stretched and released.  Your body will be supported through the exercises so that your weak areas become stronger and your overall conditioning will grow.

Joseph Pilates designed his equipment with the goal of uniformly developing the human body in front of him and that is what it does.

Springs provide resistance and support.  Tension can be increased and decreased to meet the needs of the client.  This allows access to our core muscles, allowing them to be trained and strengthened, as well as creating strength in our shoulder and pelvic girdles.  Exercises are often done lying down or sitting, to reduce the strain on your body.

The Reformer challenges your core and stability, opens your joints, provides tension to increase your ability to flex your spine and to extend it.  This equipment is highly versatile and will work and tone your entire body from head to toe.

The Tower will lengthen and strengthen your body.  Excellent for stretching and working deep into movement patterns to create effective and lasting change in your body, the Tower experience can range from relaxing to intensely challenging.

The Chair will, as does the other equipment, create strength and flexibility in your spine and your core.  It is also excellent for working into the typically underdeveloped muscles of the hamstrings and the triceps, for helping you learn how to stabilize your shoulders and to challenge your balance.

Joe Pilates did not stop here, though.  Living Bodies Studio also works with the Spine Corrector, Foot Corrector, Magic Circle and Arc Barrels.  Each of these was created by Pilates to target different areas of your body to help you get the best results for you in the least amount of time.

For more details on the Studio’s equipment, visit the Studio’s equipment page.