4 4 For… Free Pilates For Teachers (New West/Burnaby area)

The short of it:  I’m offering 4 hours/week of Pilates classes (either for individuals or pairs) over 4 weeks (July 2-29) for teachers (and locked out support staff) on strike (on a first contact, first get basis).

The long of it:  I don’t have children and am not planning on it in the future.  I still have an opinion on the teacher’s strike which boils down to:  what and how we teach the children is going to impact our society and our planet for the next 20-80 years.  Teaching is one of the best investments we can make into our own future.  So yes, I consider quality instruction important and have been considering some way in which I could be more supportive than waving as I drove by the picket lines.

This isn’t a big thing that I offer, just some of my time in an area that means something to me (Pilates) and maybe will be a nice change of pace, distraction or opportunity for a teacher who really wants or could use it.

Those interested can contact me at livingbodiesstudio@gmail.com.  You can check out my availability on my schedule page.

In support of our future,


Welcome to my studio!

Well, to the online version of it.

Greetings, welcome and salutations as you join me in my next big adventure.

This studio is not a long-time held dream, but for the two years that I’ve had it, it has been an overriding one that I have been determined to turn into reality.

It is a strange and wondrous thing to see it happening.  I always had this idea that dreams took much longer to manifest than this, if they ever did.  I suppose you could say that this is what happens when you become fixated, stubborn and work at all costs towards one end.  Well, not all costs.  Life works well when lived in balance, so there needed to be rest, fun and friends in amongst it all.  But still, an incredible journey, and one that is not done yet.

I hope over the next several months to post some articles around my thoughts on Pilates.  In the meantime, feel free to contact me for more information or browse the site.

My great and sincere thanks to everyone who has helped me on this journey so far.  There are many of you and all of you are beautiful.  Thank you.