Reference Links

These links are to articles and webpages I found interesting for one reason or another.  It is not an endorsement of any page.


Yoga and Pilates:  What’s the Difference
Clarifying Classical Pilates
A history:  Once Upon a Time:  Chapter 1:  Inspiration
A history:  Once Upon  a Time: Chapter 2:  Invention
A history:  Once Upon a Time:  Chapter 3:  Innovation
To Stay In Shape:  Act Like An Animal (on Joe)
March MATness website
Pilates Equipment 101


3 (Other) Pillars of Physical Fitness Constructive Rest
Nerve Stretches
Focus:  Debunking the 10,000 hour to mastery myth
Fitness is a Skill, Not a Talent
Importance of Gaze in Pilates and Movement
Muscles Knots – Sensory Motor Amnesia

Full Body
Fascia: The Top 5 Ways Fascia Matter to Athletes
Shock Absorbing “Goo” in Bones
Fascia Article
Stretching Doesn’t Work the Way You Think it Does
Working With Fascia 
What is Fascia


5 Steps to Fixing Movement Dysfunction
Neural Mobilization Exercises (re Sciatica)
Snapping Hips

Squatting/Pelvic Floor

5 Reasons to Full SquatStop Doing Kegels
MamaSweat:  Pelvic Floor Party
Why People Need to Squat Differently
Hip Mobility Drills to Improve Squatting
Pelvic Floor


Psoas:  Muscle of the Soul
Psoas:  An Interview with Liz Koch
Psoas Pain (comes in many forms) Psoas, Pelvis and Jaw


Spine Stabilization Munich Pilates:  Spine In Motion
Between the Pelvis and the Ribcage (abdominals)


Plantar Fascitis – Very little to do with your foot
Plantar Fasciitis

Spread Your Toes (video on plantar fasciitis) Foot exercises (Wear Shoes that Fit)
Feet:  Supination and Pronation


Franklin you-tube on shoulder relaxation

Other Areas

8 Reasons Pilates is Great for MS


Pilates a Legacy from World War I?