GST is included in all pricing.

All packages are valid for 1 Year from purchase date.

NOTE:  online packages are currently not available while classes are full.

Payments made by cash, cheque or direct bank transfer ((e-transfer to movebetter@livingbodiesstudio.com) save 2.9% off of the prices.

Packages require payment at first session of package in order to apply.

Packages are sold based upon number of classes in the package.  They can be used for both regularly booked classes as well as drop-ins.  

Regular Classes Save Intro Special!* Seniors Regular+ Save Seniors Intro Special!*+
Single $65 $50 $55 $40
5 pack $300 $25 $250 $250 $25 $200
10 pack $575 $75 $500 $475 $75 $400
20 pack $1,100 $200 n/a $900 $200  n/a

Introductory packages[*]:
(Introductory packages are only available once to new, incoming students)

Seniors  Rates(+):
For anyone 65 years or older, and for classes taken before 4 pm

Introductory Classes

* There are three reasons behind introductory private sessions that happen at most studios:
1) To give the client/student the opportunity to try it out to see if the Pilates Method works for them which gives rise to the 2nd reason:
2) It is so good that yes, Pilates instructors expect that you will get hooked, so you could argue that there’s a bit of the ‘first tastes free’ going on but most often it’s because:
3) To honestly get the most out of Pilates, you need to get a firm grounding in how to do the basic movements and that is very hard to get out of group classes and so for your safety and health we want you to receive your basics through private instruction first.  At Living Bodies Studio all classes are currently privates so I offer the introductory packages because I want people to be encouraged to try Pilates and I know the cost of it can be off-putting for some.