All classes are 55 minutes long.


The high majority of classes are privates (i.e. individual instruction).

Each session is individually tailored to your needs and preferences for that particular day, usually with an underlying, general long-term plan that focuses on the areas you identify as in greatest need of change and with the goals that you lay out.  Every day is different because every day we are in a different physical state.  Some days are just easier than others.

Classes may focus on Mat, Reformer, Tower, Chair and combinations of exercises, depending on what you want and what I see as beneficial to your body in that moment.

Semi-Private Mat Classes

If two people are interested in coming in together, I do offer semi-private classes.  These classes are mat only due to availability of equipment.  All pricing is the same in total and how that is split between the two people I leave to the clients.


Contact the Studio to arrange a site visit or book in a time or visit our Schedule page to find a time you would like to book.