The Owner

Hello!  And welcome to my Studio page.

violet_prettyMy name is Violet Redekop and I am a Pilates addict. Or if you prefer, I am a True Believer in the Method.  This may make me sound mad (an accusation I have no difficulty with as madness can be close to genius) but these are just extreme ways to tell you how completely I believe in the power of this training and how important it is to me personally.

My training.

In October of 2014 I completed the teacher training program at Pilates from the Centre and became a Licensed Classical Pilates Instructor.

My training was an internship over 18 months that required passing several exams (written, teaching and personal demonstration of Pilates), completing over a 1000 hours of observation, lessons, personal workouts, teaching, a case study and more, as well as demonstrated learning of anatomy, functional movement, movement imagery, etc.  It was an intensive program but I would have it no other way because it taught me how to understand the movement of the body I am working with and how to encourage that body towards a healthier movement.  It taught me to see, to guide and to teach.

My lineage of teaching comes through Amy and Rachel Taylor who studied at the original Pilates studio in New York and were certified as teachers by Romana Kryzanowska, one of the elders taught by Joseph Pilates himself.  They started this teacher training program at their studio in Boulder, Colorado.  They have licensed only 9 studios to teach their program, of which only one is in Canada.  Having had the opportunity to attend a workshop by Amy Taylor, I can only say that if you ever get the opportunity, take it.  No, there is one other thing I will say, when I grow up as a Pilates Instructor, I want to get to be even a portion as good as she is.  For the first time in my life, my tricky hip that goes out at a drop of a hat and has always needed a chiropractor to go back in, it went back in on its own, thanks to the work she did with me.  I haven’t had to see a chiropractor about it since.

My story. 

Oh, I didn’t start out as a fitness enthusiast (I was the fat kid growing up and have never in my life believed that I could be considered athletic until maybe now), but as with many people who have become addicted to the Pilates Method, I was once injured and after trial and error and physiotherapists and chiropractors and doctors and a slow progression of improvement, I found my way to a Pilates class out of feeling of desperation of just maybe this could help.

Three months before my 40th birthday I herniated a disc at L5-S1.  That herniation left me in excruciating agony and unable to stand for several months and took a nightmarish 9 months to fully recover from (where full recovery meant that I could walk at a normal person’s pace and do normal movements without pain – I still didn’t dare lift anything heavy and neither was I capable of anything actually strenuous or that required flexibility or strength).  On some level I had seen it coming, feeling a need to work on my “core strength” but failing to do so until it became a requirement of life.

As part of my recovery, and with the agreement of the Sport Med doctor I was seeing, I started taking Pilates classes.  Those first private sessions were an interesting insight into what I was and decidedly was not capable of.  Over a year later I was a mobile, functioning human being who at some level acknowledged that I would be doing this Pilates thing for life.

That is when the studio I attended closed.  There were no conveniently located studios I could transfer to.  At the same time I was going through a variety of other life changes which helped me to see that change was not just possible but probable and good.

So I took the leap.  I decided to work my way out of my very practical and secure day job and embrace this thing that I was passionate about.  I think it would be fair to say the thing that I had fallen in love with.

My Philosophy

Because it wasn’t just about recovery and health.  This was something that would let me help other people.  I had always wanted a career that was meaningful, to do something that I loved that helped other people but that would still pay me enough money to live on.

For years I have studied and explored the body-mind connection.  From workshops and meditations, to research and hands-on (pun mildly intended) experience, I have been an avid student in this arena.  I am fascinated by how we work together (or not) with our bodies and the separation we insist on between our bodies and our selves.  I am passionate about the life we currently live and how to have the best life that we can – and our bodies are an absolutely integral part of this.

I think many of us have felt that our bodies are working against us, that we are in a battle or a constant struggle to life the life we want despite of or in opposition to our bodies.  I have come to accept that my body is trying its damndest to work with me, to give me what support and help it can.  All of this time it’s needed my help, though.  I’m the one with the bad habits, sitting at computers, slumping while I read, doing things that stress and strain my body without taking care to do what I can to make my body strong.  I use Pilates to change these things, to be a true partner to my body, to give us both the tools we need in order to live the longest, most fulfilling life we can.

And now with the studio, I get to help others towards that same goal.  This is an honour and a privilege.

Thank you.