Studio Cats

The Studio is operated out of my home and as such my cats make themselves part of the experience.


This is Bastion.  He is a very friendly cat.  Obnoxiously friendly some might say.  He will happily greet you upon your arrival, and upon your leaving, and given the opportunity will even help you work out!  He loves attention of all sorts except cuddling.

There are two other cats that you may or may not meet.  Bastion’s brother Mason is gray and tends to be the opposite of his sibling, often shy and preferring to be at a bit of a distance and doubtful that attention is as great as his brother seems to assume.


The cats are not allowed within the Studio proper during class as they are too distracting.  However, I cannot guarantee that they are never in the room, so if you have allergies, it is likely that at this time, my studio is not a good place for you.

Chinook was the last of the Studio Cats.  On August 2, 2015 we made our final farewells.  She will be sorely missed.




February 2, 1997 – August 2, 2015