The Studio

Welcome to Living Bodies Studio, a classical Pilates studio located in uptown New Westminster, that is guided by one main principle:  healthy movement for life.

Take a short video tour, and/or read more about us below the video.

At Living Bodies, that is our goal, to help each individual find their personal way to a body that is full of life, vitality and capable of the movements that make life worth living.  Joseph Pilates developed his Contrology Method so that any individual, irrespective of their current mobility or health, could use it and become stronger, more flexible and from our core outwards move our way into a longer, more fulfilling life.  Because life is about doing what we love and sometimes our bodies need help to find the uniform development that will let us play until we choose not to, not because our body forces us to stop.

Our students are dancers and mechanics, hikers and philosophers, gardeners and vacation enthusiasts. Our students are people who enjoy life and want to keep savoring what it has to offer.  Some of them just want to add another flavor of physical enjoyment and movement, some need a bit of help occasionally in getting there.  Injuries and/or illnesses both old and new, funky chromosomes, one wrong move of the knee or just long established sub-optimal movement patterns can stop us from doing what we love to do.  We can feel at war sometimes with our bodies but we don’t need to.  Whether you just want to move or need help finding a better way to move, the Pilates Method will do this for you.

I firmly believe that this method can help anyone reach their goals.  It will take time and it does take commitment but none of us are bound to our current physical state.  So long as we live, we can change.