Flow, not Pieces

It is very easy to get lost in the multitude of things we are trying to remember when we move in the focused, aware, controlled way of Pilates.  Six impossible things at the same time!

Sometimes what we need is to remember to come out of viewing these things as pieces, and allow them to settle in and then flow through the movement.  I prefer to see movement as the mind giving a set of (hopefully healthy) parameters for the movement to the body (those six impossible things) and then letting the body move within those parameters.

Let it flow.

Even the supposed stillness of say our shoulders during a movement of the upper torso or arms isn’t a fixed, rigid positioning.  Our shoulders respond to the movement of the arms, the movement of our thoracic spine.  Our shoulders are ideally in a state of flow, gently reacting to everything happening around them and following the simple (which does not mean easy) mental parameter of staying connected downwardly onto our ribcage.

By staying in a constant state of flow, we need not force anything.  There’s no shoving down of the shoulders.  No fixed position to be maintained (and then frustrated to discover that we can’t maintain it).  It happens, naturally and organically.

Try it, let go of all of the individual pieces for at least a moment, trust that your body can hold those parameters you’ve set and flow with the process.  See what happens.  Use this as another approach to your practice.  Switch it up.  Change is good for us.  Better than bran.

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