Article on Plantar Fasciitis

A fascinating look at plantar fasciitis:  Worth the read.

There were a couple of ideas that resonated for me:

The problem does not lie in the foot.  Or most likely doesn’t (all things are possible after all).  Our bodies are interconnected chains of actions and reactions.  Rarely it seems is the pain we feel from imbalanced bones and musculature felt in the “source” area.

Fast and easy “solutions” to body problems probably aren’t.  There are some simple things we can do in relation to certain problems that can help but 5 ways to lose belly fat fast, 3 steps to healthy hips, probably aren’t going to do it for us.  We are all individual in body, each of our physical forms being unique and in need of their own particular treatment of movement.  Which is why I I believe in Pilates, precisely because it does treat everyone as individuals with their own needs and then tailors the work to those needs.

Orthotics are not the solution they appear to be.  As with all things, sometimes and for some people they are helpful.  But just like if you wear a back brace at length because of a sore back, you are ultimately weakening your muscles because they no longer have work to do.  Given that muscle problems in the feet are what start the problem, weakening them further by removing the work that they are doing is not going to solve anything and just make us dependent on the footwear.

It’s a long read, but one I enjoyed.

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