Confessions of a Pilates Instructor: Overworking

Sometimes I am an idiot.

I have a strong personal belief in rest, recuperation and reflection.  Taking time to rest the body allows for a form of reset, an integration of what my body has been working on and learning, from the unraveling of old habits to finding new movement patterns.  But sometimes belief and practice fail to intersect.

This month I took on the March Matness challenge.  It was great!  Getting in mat practice everyday felt fabulous.  I was getting back into the routine of a daily practice.  I was exploring the exercises to a depth I had never reached before.

I discovered new levels of control in the exercises.

I did my best roll overs in my life to date.

I had precision in my spinal movements.

I was working my psoas, finding its power and really deeply connecting with it.

And then my knee started to hurt.  But that was because of tight hip muscles, just stretch those out, they’ll be fine.

Then my trick hip went out (this is so common, it’s a “it must be Tuesday” kind of thing).  But sure, muscles being worked and getting a bit sore and tight will do that.  Note that I am completely ignoring at this point that it is typically a spasming psoas that pulls my hip out.

Then there was this deep ache that started in my left hip.  But it was my birthday weekend and there were plans and a long walk and I’m only halfway through the March Matness challenge don’t you know and of course I can keep going, just take it a bit easy and it will all be fine and and and.

And then there wasn’t really an option in stopping anymore.  Ow.

It’s been 3 days now of minimal movement, getting both sides of my psoas to rest, gently! stretch and recover.  It will probably be another one to two days before taking up more than stretching again.


I love a challenge.  I love moving.  I love the feeling of getting stronger.  It can be very difficult to remember to take rest time, to integrate, to pause and recuperate and heal.

Luckily for me I have a body that won’t take ignoring for an answer.

Do you make resting part of your practice?  Or do you push on through regardless?

For me, for another day or so, I’m going to follow my cat’s advice:IMG_0635

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