I’ve Graduated!! Last Chance for the Student Rate

I can’t believe it’s finally happened.  The last year and a half has been a remarkable journey, physically, emotionally, mentally.  My world has changed and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m confident that I will have much more to say about the journey of it, after my day job finishes (in less than a week!) and I have more time.  In the meantime, I have decided to celebrate by offering my student rates to anyone who books this week for a class(es) in November!

That’s right, if I hear from you by October 31st and we book you in sometime in November, you get to pay my student rate of $30/introductory class* (for new students, for my current clients, you already know how to take advantage of this last week of student rates).  That’s essentially equivalent to a group class rate for a private lesson in a fully equipped studio!

Starting November 1st I will have more hour options, so have a look at the schedule (https://www.livingbodiesstudio.com/classes/schedule/) and contact me with what you’re interested in or to ask any questions.

And a special shout out to my teachers, my co-trainees and my students.  You’ve made this year unforgettable and amazing, both in the best way.  Thank you.


*Applied to a single class, a package of 5 introductory classes or a package of 10 introductory classes.  Must be purchased at first class.  All subsequent packages will be at current rates.

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