Testimonial – Holly Yau

I have been blessed with Violet guiding me from the very start of my pilates journey. She is present and patient during our sessions, as she coaxes my body to stretch and strengthen. She is gently tenacious as she applies her knowledge of pilates with great intuition and a wry sense of humour. I have grimaced as I tried to correct my unbalanced body movements; I have accessed muscles that I had no idea I had; and I have even sworn at Violet as I struggled with my movements, as my body shook with the tremor of truth. I have the unique experience of achieving a certain level in pilates; then had surgery; and now having to rebuild my pilates techniques. The result is worth the work and sweat.

Violet’s passion and dedication in her work with the body has inspired me to keep pilates a priority in my life. I look forward to maintaining fitness and flexibility through pilates with Violet, which would enable me to keep living my life on my own terms. I invite anyone to try her studio; it has numerous pieces of pilates equipment to keep the excercises varied over time, and Violet’s one-on-one instruction is fabulous. Violet and her studio are welcoming to all fitness levels.

May 2014