Testimonial – Tyson McLaren

I had been suffering from a particularly unhappy back injury for three years when I was introduced to Pilates. Due to the incapacitating pain, my body had become hyper-reactive to any and every form of stimulus, treating it as hostile and going into spasm….

Testimonial – Holly Yau

I have been blessed with Violet guiding me from the very start of my pilates journey. She is present and patient during our sessions, as she coaxes my body to stretch and strengthen. She is gently tenacious as she applies her knowledge of pilates…

Testimonial – Georgina Daniels

Georgina Daniels © Brendan Lally Photography 2013

I love Violet’s approach to teaching. She is compassionate, focused, caring and insightful. During class she invites me to get out of my mind so my body and spirit can understand the technique. And then she gently welcomes the mind back, helping me integrate…