4 4 For… Free Pilates For Teachers (New West/Burnaby area)

The short of it:  I’m offering 4 hours/week of Pilates classes (either for individuals or pairs) over 4 weeks (July 2-29) for teachers (and locked out support staff) on strike (on a first contact, first get basis).

The long of it:  I don’t have children and am not planning on it in the future.  I still have an opinion on the teacher’s strike which boils down to:  what and how we teach the children is going to impact our society and our planet for the next 20-80 years.  Teaching is one of the best investments we can make into our own future.  So yes, I consider quality instruction important and have been considering some way in which I could be more supportive than waving as I drove by the picket lines.

This isn’t a big thing that I offer, just some of my time in an area that means something to me (Pilates) and maybe will be a nice change of pace, distraction or opportunity for a teacher who really wants or could use it.

Those interested can contact me at livingbodiesstudio@gmail.com.  You can check out my availability on my schedule page.

In support of our future,


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